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Broadband and internet services


Today everyone want blazing internet speeds with no data caps. We can provide that with both 4G LTE Wireless and Traditional Broadband and Fiber for Businesses as well as Residential. Fiber,  if it is available in your area. 

ISP Service Provider


As and ISP Service Provider we can offer you Internet and Broadband Services no matter where you are within the United States, we are not restricted by geographical locations. We are wireless service providers as well. Both post-pay and pre-pay services with all four major providers under our own private brand (N21 Wireless) and our Partners that bears the affiliation with One Hundred Dollar Media. Zapp Wireless, N2Ozone Wireless, N2Sync Wireless and Truth Wireless.

Television Broadcasting


One Hundred Dollar Media owns and operate The Black History Channel, T-Nell TV , Apache 1 TV Network, The Military History Channel and Truckers TV Channel. One Hundred Dollar Media introduced Internet Cable TV to the world under the following brands of Sling TV (Dish Network) Sony Playstation Vue, (Sony)  Direct TV Now (AT&T) Hulu Live, Fubo, and Philo TV. 

We work with all  the major cable providers in the USA.

Second Chance Cable


Internet and Broadband services

Bad things can happen to good people, with internet and cable and any other bills this is also true.  When some hard working people was hit hard by the government shutdown and found it difficult to pay their bills, we understand.  Those who just fell on hard times we want you to know we are here for you as well. Our mission is to make and keep internet and broadband services affordable for everyone at a fixed price. 

Low and income and disable programs for seniors and veterans.

This may not seem important to you, but this is a must for us. We have joined forces with AT&T and Comcast with their Snap Programs to help kids, veterans, low income households, seniors and disable Americans to have affordable internet service in their homes. This is the main core of our business and it has nothing to do with making money because our mission is to make a difference in every person life. 

One hundred dollar media and the 24 hour black news network:

We at One Hundred Dollar Media is trying to bring a 24 hour Black News Network into reality within the next year. It is time that we have a news network that is committed to the Black People community with high morals and standards focusing on right and wrong, not colluded by Politics, Religion and Racial Stereotypes , we have enough of this under our current media outlets today, we just see it is time for a change. News should be news by getting to the facts and not the allusiveness of the truth with a hidden agenda to divide the people on racial, political and religious lines. We have a saying here "Evil don't discriminate and crime is colorblind and so are we". 

Our CEO's Mission

Jay W. Sumlin, our current CEO is committed to  high morals and standards to do the will of the one true God.  He is not afraid to take a stand and speak out on wrong and will defend anyone who is right no matter the color of their skin or their religious beliefs. "We are all one people and every human being has African Blood in their DNA rather they wish to admit to it or not, some people just hate Black, but that is their problem not ours" say's our CEO.  

Join Our Team

We are always looking for talent and our doors are open to anyone who wants a career and not a job. We work solely on commission and production. We split our revenues with our channel partners at a 25% commission rate on a residual pay-scale base.  The only investment we seek is your willingness to roll up your sleeves and work hard  for the common good.

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